Friday, July 31, 2015

 She didn't exist as people do normally, as ebbs and flows. If there were radars to detect such things , she would look on that as a burst of painfully white light which forces you to look away and singes your eyes for minutes at a stretch after the second you spent in the vicinity of that flash. This wouldn't be a beautiful flash either- it would be a painful flash. It would not dazzle, it would burn.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


He sat on a rock and looked straight ahead. There was so much light all around him but he chose to focus on that one spot right in front of his eyes where all light seemed to converge and form a point of darkness. He wasn't there yet, he thought. The point was so illusive, beckoning him to seek it and follow until all became one. It mocked him with visions of clarity and completion.

After a while, it was dark. The dark point didn't get any darker. Between blinking it stayed the same - or maybe it moved further just to show him that it was another kind of dark - not this universal stuff which had descended on him.

He thought about the point as he climbed down. It was so perfect. If only there was a way to exist within that spot.

As he walked home which no longer beckoned he thought - why should that spot even exist if he could never reach it? He got angry eventually he bemoaned the fact that he had ever discovered the point and cursed the unhealthy association he had formed with it.

As he entered his room he wondered - what if it were possible to just not see light anymore?  What if, he created an incapability which barred the point from him forever ?

He lay down and closed his eyes. There it was again, within him this time - more distinct and simultaneously even more unreal in his imagination. The purpose which had allowed him to rest was automatically lost.

He wanted to dismiss this point believing that this impostor was a fallacy and should be, could be dismissed.

He toyed with the point. He imagined that all around the point there was a greater form of darkness. The point shone in comparison. He placed himself right in front of the point. He climbed into it and then crawled out knowing that outside the point it was darker.

His mind could be darker, darker than the perfection of the point where all light bounced off. This dark would never elude him- in fact, he could carry it around with him.

He had won, this round at least. Thinking so, he drifted off.

His dreams weren't dark though. There were pictures and people and things that had never happened.