Friday, January 28, 2011


it was like this how they were going to live. every morning the father would wake up , and for five minutes, try to quieten the painful buzz of questions that his mind was full of. he had decided, when he chose to live the way he lived that he would not question , he would not stop , he would not be unhappy .

the questions had become mushed together , like a giant flea attacking you again and again in perplexity .

the mother would then wake up - they had no children , yet they were called father and mother , they called each other that too, and all the letters which should have bourn their name bore the same . it was just the way they decided to live - and if living meant being called father and mother , then so be it.
the mother was a lesser creature - she accepted her place as a docile , meek pair of breasts and had lived , the un-fecund life of a mother with no children.

they lived , like the way they did. they met no one , they spoke to no one . even magazines had been banned in their house. there were no newspapers ,and there was no stepping out of the house. they had two cows who breeded and in their incestuous cycles of unions had given them that milk which they drank , the dung which they used to fertilize their crops , and the occasional meat of a genetically mutated calf.

everything they would require , was sent to them, sealed of any new information , any new colour , by those who had decided that this is how they shall live.

they never wondered, they never talked about the way they lived.
they never pondered the queries of life or death.
they payed their taxes, from whatever money the father could acquire from whatever work he could manage to do in the afforded land, avoiding any great skill , requiring next to no information.

there was however one bright thing about them, in the house that they had lived the way they did - hung on the mantle one huge, bright national flag. and next to it , was a picture, of the two of them , marked in characteristic unpersonalised letters - THE PATRIOTS.


ReckLess said...

Gripping … I love it..and I love the fact that it invokes skepticism

NG said...

i dont kno waat to say actually.... frankly i didn understand the thing... so ull need to explain it.... but strangely i still loved it... if thts coz im used to loving ur writin or something else... i i did... n im nt tryin to flatter... :)


@madhav : thank you :)) i am very proud of myself , now that you liked it :))
also , interesting trivia , i was reading ur blog before i wrote it. so something must have struck somewhere .
thnx for going through it.

@nishant : :))) even if ur not trying to flatter, i am flattered nevertheless.
we need to meet. SOON.
p.s. gime a call ,ill explain :)

sidspacewalker said...

Its good ... leaves an unknown flavor ...

Sanjukta said... usual.


@siddhant : :|
@jayee : <3

Sunakshi said...

"The questions had become mushed together , like a giant flea attacking you again and again in perplexity ."

The use of words, it's gripping how you weave a story.